Let’s Put It to a Vote!

As some of you may or may not know, I have decided to form my own business. I have officially filed for an S Corp, and I’m now the president of Bee Creative, Inc. Huzzah! But now comes probably the most important, intricate watershed-moment-of-a decision I will ever make ever in regard to my fledgling … Continue reading

Black Star Co-op

This past week, Jacob and I went to Austin, Texas. Tinker sent Jacob to a training program Monday-Friday from 8:30-5 during the day, and so I decided to tag along to Austin and see what was what. We left on Monday morning and arrived at the Hyatt Place Arboretum hotel in the afternoon. BTW, this … Continue reading


Hey, everyone, I linked a video of our hike down the Grand Canyon. Check it out on Day 3.

Day 5: Yellowstone National Park

If you’ve stuck with my updates this far, bless you. We took 118 photos on Day 5, but I won’t share all of them with you because they will take forever to upload. Day 5 was possibly the most exciting day of the entire vacation. At this point, we’d seen a lot of cool things, … Continue reading

Day 4: Salt Lake City

After crashing pretty hard at 2:30 in the morning on Stefani and Andrew’s guest bed, we woke up around 9 in the morning and got our plans situated; we decided to visit Park City, which housed the 2002 Winter Olympics and is only 15ish minutes away from SLC, and then we’d hit up the great … Continue reading

Day 3: Grand Canyon and Salt Lake City

As it turns out, the Grand Canyon is in an area of Arizona that does not practice Daylight Savings Time. So on day three, we woke up at what we thought was 6:45, thinking we’d head to the Grand Canyon just a little early. So when we got to the park and the visitor’s center … Continue reading