Want a free book? Of course you do.

So in case you haven’t heard…I published a book!

9780615756868 It’s my first foray into the self-publishing world, and I’m honestly pretty proud of it. David Woods, my author, was fantastic to work with, and he’s got a great final product. You can purchase the ebook on Smashwords, buy the print version on Amazon or David’s website, or enter a giveaway on Goodreads for a chance to win a free print version!

I edited the book and did a bit of ghostwriting and all the copy editing. David crowdsourced the cover (thanks, Patrick Feehan!), and Christina Hicks did the interior design and layout as well as the illustrations. I helped David get it printed and distributed, and I even have an e-version of the book available on Smashwords.

If you’re interested in this kind of book management for your big idea, leave me a comment!

Here’s a quick synopsis: If you’re like most executives, you live inside a close bubble of friends and family. But to realize your career potential, you have to push yourself outside of that space and intentionally build new relationships.

Remember: It’s not Net-PLAY… It’s not Net-EAT… It’s not Net-DRINK… It’s not Net-SIT… It’s Net-WORK!

In his twenty-five-year career, David has been CEO of three companies. Networking was a key to achieving these roles, and it can be the key for you to achieve your goals too. Filled with quick, entertaining advice and simple, powerful, and memorable steps to build a network filled with rich relationships, this guide gives you just what you need to break through in today’s business environment of sometimes shallow, superficial social media-based interactions and go Beyond the Handshake.

You know you wanna…


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