Dreams of Taos, Part 3

At the end of the second day of our trip, my mom and I told Renee that we wanted stay an extra day at Adobe and Pines because we were just totally in love with the place. When Renee heard that we wanted to stay an extra night (and also that we were there for my birthday), she graciously offered us an upgraded adobe! We moved all of our stuff into the “honeymoon” part of the hacienda, which was built sometime in the 1950s:

October2012Taos2_072 This part of the B&B was not as historic but still really cool! I loved the chipped tile floor and the window art. It had two chimineas: one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom. There was even a cute little kitchenette with dishes! Perfect for a honeymooning couple, and it worked just fine for me and my mom! After we got settled in, Renee told us that there was a hot tub right outside the room surrounded by a little fence for privacy. This was music to my ears because I.love.hot tubs.

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We also took this time to explore the hacienda a bit more and snap a few pics of the scenery:

20121020_090920 20121020_090841 10-20-2012_055 10-20-2012_009 October2012Taos2_056 October2012Taos2_051 October2012Taos2_052 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA














































Taos is not far from Santa Fe, and so Mom and I took the short trip south to check out the jewelry situation. Mom met an artisan at the Palace of the Governor’s, where there’s an outdoor jewelry market, and she bought a HUGE turquoise ring there and got a great deal. I didn’t see anything I liked, and we both agreed that Santa Fe has gotten more touristy than either of us like. So we headed back to the hacienda in the late afternoon to enjoy an evening of relaxation.

On our last morning, we bid farewell to Renee and Phillip, and she sent us some of her local honey, which was extremely delicious. And on the way out of town, we stopped in Chimayo, which is an old settlement south of Taos. We stopped at a mercantile in Taos, and I purchased some jewelry and a pound of freshly ground chile pepper, which was harvested by farmers in the area. It has been delicious in all my food so far! 

Our last exciting adventure was finding an pre-Civil War era adobe church on the High Road out of Taos. It had a small cemetery in the front and was most likely built when Catholic missionaries came to New Mexico in  the early 1750s. I guess it was mostly impressive because of its size and the fact that it was made of mud. Things made out of mud don’t last that long in Oklahoma when there are tornadoes every season!


In the end, Mom and I had a fantastic vacation, and we would go back in a heartbeat. In fact, Mom already bought an outdoor fire pit and pinion pine to replicate the enticing smells! It was an unexpectedly beautiful part of the country, and now when I think of fall, I will always think of Taos. 



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