The Votes Are In!

After letting the polls ruminate, I have chosen a weiner! Here are the results, in case you care:

Version 6: 35%

Version 5: 24%

Version 4: 12%

Version 3: 12%

Version 2: 12%

Version 1: 6%

And one person didn’t like any of them. I appreciate everyone who took the time to vote! Based on the popularity of number 5, and despite my overwhelming preference for number 1, I have chosen…



And I made the colors slightly different. I think listening to a crowd of people who showed a pretty clear preference for this card makes the most business sense because I’m not trying to impress me; I’m trying to impress you! So, here’s the final product. I’ve put in the order, and they’re currently printing. So thanks again to everyone who helped me make this semi-important decision.

Stay tuned for more news about Bee Creative!


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