Let’s Put It to a Vote!

As some of you may or may not know, I have decided to form my own business. I have officially filed for an S Corp, and I’m now the president of Bee Creative, Inc. Huzzah! But now comes probably the most important, intricate watershed-moment-of-a decision I will ever make ever in regard to my fledgling business: my logo. I hope you can read my sarcasm here. I want to create an engaging, eye-catching business card, but I’m also tired of thinking about this. So here are some choices. Please vote.



4 thoughts on “Let’s Put It to a Vote!

  1. I think we need to get together so I can hear all about your new business! I feel out of the loop. Being retired will do that to you 😉

    • Sounds good to me! I hope you’re having a great first day at work! We’ll do lunch. Or dinner. Or some kind of snack. All I know is food will be involved.

  2. Well it appears that I am the only one who voted for version 4 but I think it looks the most gender neutral (since I know that is important to you.) I think it’s the black added that makes me think that however I also liked version 5. Just some thoughts. Can’t wait to see the final product!

    • Thanks, Krystina! Yeah, I do want to be gender neutral somewhat, but at the same time, I am a girl! I’m probably going to pick one of the cascading honeycomb ones, but I may tweak the color some more. I dunno. Thanks for voting! I value your input!

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