Posted in April 2012

Greenleaf State Park/Lake Tenkiller

So this is a bit of a retroactive post. I wanted to get started on my reviews of the state parks, and so I went ahead and did Red Rock Canyon first, even though we started this camping escapade with Greenleaf State Park and Lake Tenkiller! Greenleaf State Park is near Braggs, Oklahoma, about two … Continue reading

The Velocity Manifesto

Scott Klososky. The Velocity Manifesto. Austin,Texas. Greenleaf Book Press. 2011. 279 pages $24.95 978-1-60832-085-1   Think you’ve got the latest software and the best IT professionals to put your company on the bleeding edge? Maybe you’re stuck with an antiquated CRM or don’t have an accurate way to analyze your company’s data, leaving you struggling … Continue reading

Garbage Land

Lately, I’ve taken an interest in recycling.  Okay, I guess it’s not really an interest so much as a fetish. I’ve been taking my recyclable bags to work and training my co-workers to recycle their plastics, cans, paper, and cardboard.  I empty the bag at my local recycling center when it gets full, but my ultimate goal is to … Continue reading

Red Rock Canyon State Park

This weekend, my husband and I took one of our infamous camping trips to Red Rock Canyon State Park in Hinton, Oklahoma. This was the second weekend camping trip we’ve taken in the last month or so, and after having such a good time on both trips, we’ve decided to try to camp in all the … Continue reading