About Me

I’m Callie, and I’m a freecycler, recycler, upcycler, and foodie. If you don’t know what those things are, ask me! I live with my husband, Jacob, who is an environmental and industrial engineer, aka genius. We live in a sprawling ranch house built in 1968 that I swear needs something repainted or refinished or replaced at any given point. 
I’m currently working for a start-up publisher called Crowdscribed in Oklahoma, and I own my own business, Bee Creative, Inc., that helps authors self-publish with class. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor of arts degree in English writing and a minor in French in December of 2008. After spending four years at a traditional publishing house, I’ve become a very experienced editor, and I’ve edited somewhere around 450ish books. But I also know that the future of publishing is changing quickly and rapidly to integrate self-publishing as a legitimate route, and I’ve adapted my skills to help authors make the best product possible.
And I don’t just read–I write as well. I was even a food writer for a local magazine for a while, and I loved trying out new restaurants and interviewing chefs. They’re tremendously interesting people. If you take a look around, I’ve uploaded my published pieces if you want to see my portfolio, and I also have a blog that I update somewhat frequently that documents camping trips, exciting things that happen to me, books I’ve read, and sometimes writing tips! 
Someday I will manage to write my own bestseller, and I’m confident my capabilities as a writer and editor will one day get me there–Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.
Callie B.

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